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Spot On – Real Time GPS Tracking System (MX500)


Micrologic Design Spot On – Real Time GPS Tracking System (MX500)

Spot on is a Window based real time world wide tracking system which can be used for:

              ● Increasing productivity and efficiency to your business.

               ● Fleet management of your vehicles

            ● Tracking of your workforce for health & safety, i.e. Field

                 Service Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, NVQ assessors,

                 Maintenance contractors etc

            ● Protecting children / the old / the disabled   / lone workers or

                family members

            ● Tracking Assets


The GPS tracking unit is compact and stylish in design, which can be carried in a shirt pocket or a hand bag or attached to cars or trucks.


Some of the features provided by the Spot on MX500

        ●   Real Time Polling – Get the current position of the GPS tracker

    and display it on Google Earth 3D Map *

     ●   Auto Track -Monitor GPS tracker location every 60 seconds

              and plot it on the map

          ●   Movement Alert - If the GPS tracker unit is stationary for more

               than 10 minutes, it can be instructed to automatically report its

               position when the unit has moved for more than 200 meters

             ●   Over Speed Alert – Alerts the operator when the speed

                                        exceeds certain speed limits   I.e 70 miles/h

           ●   SOS Alert –Alerts the operator with the current position when

                                 the SOS button is  pressed for more than 3 seconds.

           ●   Voice Monitoring – Can monitor and listen to voice from the

                                      GPS tracker unit when is required i.e Emergency

           ●   Zone – Alerts the operator when a GPS tracker unit is either

                               inside or outside a Zone area (GEO – Fencing)

             ●   Play Back – re-play the journey  

           ●   Low Battery Alert - Alerts when the GPS tracker unit voltage

                                                      level is low

   ●    View – View and print various reports


*Google Earth is   free software!



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