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Micrologic Design MX20  Internet of things development board with 6 Digital outputs , 3 digital inputs , 4 Analogue or digital   Inputs , 2 Relay outputs and a 8 MHz crystal oscillator

MX20   is a microcontroller board based on the Microchip 32 bit processor, PIC32MX795F512L. It has 6 digital output, 4 Analogue or digital inputs, 2  Relay outputs and a 8 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection or RS232, an ICSP header for programming. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller, simply connect it to a computer with a PICKit3 and a USB cable for programming or simply use the already installed software to control your devices via GSM or Wi-Fi or Zigbee or Internet in real time .

·         Microcontroller  PIC32MX795F512L

·         Flash memory of 512K

·         128K of Ram

·         Operating voltage is 3.3V

·         Maximum supply voltage 5 to 12V

·         Digital I/O pins 6

·         DC current per I/O pin 18 mA

·         DC current for 3.3V pin 18 mA

·         Clock speed 8MHz

·         High-speed I/O pins capable of toggling at up to 80 MHZ

·         GSM/GPRS add on module (optional)

·         Zigbee add on module option (optional)

·         Wi-Fi add on module (optional )

·         Hardwired internet connection RJ45 (optional)

·         3 on board Leds

 Please contact Sales@Micrologic-Design.co.uk for price & delivery

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